App Description

My Health is an innovative application that tries to help millions of patients around the globe trying to adhere to their medications. This Free APP which is developed by Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) provides many tools important to any patient on any kind of medications, either chronic or short term.

If you are a patient, you can collaborate with your health care provider and adhere as much as possible to your medications. By adding the medicines to the APP and setting reminders for the timings, the possibility that you will miss your medicine dose is minimized. Not only that, you can add the names of your doctors, send them your medicines list and safely keep their contacts. The app provides a BMI Calculator which is easy to use. A vaccine calendar tool sets reminders for the vaccination date of your young ones as soon as you insert their date of birth.

If you are a resident of the UAE, myHealth provides a unique service that makes your life even much easier. In certain outlets, your prescription could be printed on a card along with a QR Code which you can scan directly to your smart phone and the prescription will be directly saved in your calendar.

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