Why use TBI Digital to create your mobile experience?

The Middle East is expected to account for the second-largest mobile phone-using population in the world, thereby overtaking the Asia-Pacific region. Although smartphone sales & penetration of smartphones have seen rapid growth, it is still expected to increase by 39% in the Middle East by 2015.


With TBI you can take advantage of the market demand by building customer centric mobile solutions that will help in engaging with your end consumers and gather insights that will help in defining your marketing strategies.


We at TBI can help you in building your internal and consumer facing Mobility roadmap. With our team of experts you we would assist in building innovative solutions that help in engaging with your consumers at various levels.


Benefits of working with TBI:

  • Enterprise and Consumer focused Mobile Strategy Consulting
  • Cross platform mobile application development capabilities (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)
  • Experience of building innovative solutions for various industry verticals
  • Cost effective and flexible pricing models
  • Tight project startup and delivery schedules


Our Services


Mobile Strategy


Our team specializes in:

  • Building Enterprise and Consumer focused solutions
  • Creating a sustainable digital ecosystem that fits the business strategy
  • Mobility roadmaps focused on enabling various business stakeholders to take the advantage on the newer technologies
  • Provide executive education and training for adoption of mobility across businesses
  • Building multi-device routes for consumers to engage with the brands


UI/ UX Strategy

TBI’s Design Studio is a graphics design and UI group that actively supports a multi-skilled software development team. This combination of skills ensures creativity, service, and strategic thinking.


TBI’s Design Studio which comprises of Business Analysts, Designers, UI/UX Experts use state-of-the-art methodologies combined with outstanding creative ideas that result in intelligent user experiences.


TBI is also one of the first companies in the region to use advanced brain mapping techniques using neuroscience to design user interfaces. Our usability lab delivers accurate, actionable data and insight gathered directly from end-users to product managers and designers. We’re energized by what we do – making software products more compelling, and making lives easier and more fun.


QA and Testing

We’ve tested and shipped web-based, desktop, mobile applications, Internet, database, enterprise, workflow, system level and productivity applications. Our QA team can help with creating comprehensive test plans with automated test cases and undertaking black box, white box, unit, integration, stress, load, performance and regression testing.


Our Solutions

Mobility Solutions for Sales Team


Enterprise Saleskit Tool Application

  • A sales tool application that allows on-field staff to manage inventory and orders efficiently
  • Features:
    • Facilitates the order booking process and digital asset management
    • Order process initiation using an iPad
    • Add new orders, view customer order history, digital assets and feedback
    • View daily/weekly reports generated
    • Integrated with a backend system, and hosted on a cloud server
  • Enterprise solution that minimizes the sales process and gives instant access to digital assets


Reward Program Application

  • This iPad app is designed and developed to help sales representatives gather details regarding reward programs
  • Main modules of this app are:
    • Program information and criterion
    • Reward Catalogue
    • Feedback, Questions and FAQ’s
    • My account (re-direction link)


Sales Data Availability

  • This application enables users to access product information while on-the-go
  • Pulls sales data from the ERP backend for various automobile products
  • The sales data is represented on iPad graphically
  • Sales persons can edit the data in the app and sync back to the ERP system


Customer Inquiries Support

  • This application creates a new channel for customers to interact with the sales and support team via a mobile interface
  • Includes sales enquiry form and a feedback form in the first phase that is integrated to the back end CRM system


Solutions for Field Force teams


Field Data Collection for Sugar Companies

  • This Android application allows factory inspectors to forecast the quantity and quality of the crop harvest
  • This is done using data on the number of farmers, the area of their land, and other inputs
  • Data entered and transmitted directly from the field, with GPS used to ensure location accuracy
  • Features:
    • Registration – add, delete and edit
    • Add Brix test results
    • View notifications
    • Sync data
    • View reports
    • Search for a new grower
    • Help


Field Data Collection for Oil and Gas

  • A website application that can also be accessed using a PC, Android tablet and an iPad
  • Allows users to store data collected on-field, from the oil and gas plants
  • Features:
    • Data collection
    • Data editing
    • Offline data storage
    • Online syncing with data master set


Solutions for Project/Task Management


Real Estate Project Inspection

  • This Android application helps manage land, projects and their respective facilities
  • Simplifies the maintenance of multiple projects
  • It streamlines overall asset management, and is used for important tasks like facility inspection


Project Planning Application

  • This app keeps track of all on-going and socio-economic projects
  • Features:
    • View project details
    • View progress reports
    • Add/edit project details


Job Assignment Application

  • This iOS and Android application assists service managers, team leads and technicians assign jobs to others
  • Features:
    • Service managers – can assign a job to the team lead
    • Team lead – can assign a job to a technician
    • Technician – can check details of the assigned job


Solutions for Audits and Meetings


Audit Application

  • An iPad app developed to assist auditors while conducting an audit
  • Features:
    • Provides audit information
    • Provides audit forms
    • Sends notifications to auditors
    • Viewing reports
    • Add findings/data


Conference Management Application

  • An iPad application that can be used to streamline conference/event activities
  • It can be used by sales representatives to:
    • Send and receive invitations
    • Book a venue
    • Send notifications to clients
    • Data management
  • A new UI can be designed to make sure the app is more fresh and intuitive


Solution for Financial Data Compilation


  • iPad application developed for financial institutions to manage their reconciliation activities
  • Features:
    • Active monitoring and reporting – users can see reports and charts for better analysis
    • Receiving alerts based on selected KPI’s
    • Search for the required data
    • Allows users to set KPI’s/Searches as favorites
  • Also available on Windows 8


iPad based Templatized e-mailing


  • Mobile version of popular award winning desktop email software
  • Send professionally designed newsletters, announcements, greetings, invitations and promotions from anywhere and at anytime
  • Several professionally designed email templates
  • Easy to use with no need for any HTML or design experience


Mobile based appointment booking solution


  • Perfect solutions for medical centers, salons, spas and resorts
  • Features:
    • Product / Service catalogue
    • Book appointments using the app via SMS or email
    • Route for customers to request for information
    • View contact details and location maps



Case Studies

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